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January 1, 2014

sad man

he told me


the man told me

she’s been rooerin

on the phone to her sister just fuckin rooerin

both fuckin rooerin

it’s fucked up man


then he starts talking something i can’t understand

and i feel this in my stomach, hard through like ice

but soft like life

and hot like life

and he’s talkin about the social, man

and anything else

samsara, man

and how it’s unfair,

and how it’s not unfair


and after i think about how it’s

unfair, man

not unfair

fucked up

and how i didn’t get the sad man

and how i didn’t know the sad man

and i told someone

and i told myself again


soon i’ll see the man

and i’ll see her

and it’ll all be so fucking sad, man,

we’ll smile and talk about last month.


© Lydia Allison 2013