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April 6, 2015

The Nine Realms – Nidavellir: Darkness and Gold

the dwarf


he’s the best

to ask. so much

more than people

think. imir knew him.


made an axe.

blade sharper than

people made. cut who made it.

sliced space.

they made mistakes.

it shined like night

the lunar glow

none of them had seen.

they fell in love.


lightening cracked the lovely weapon’s face.

tarnished white shine. the dwarf obsessed.


hating the flashing of candles

heat of flames. he waited months

felt time swell.


climbed. saw dusty light.

creaked the last steps

cracks on hands glinting

silver. still and

sun-saturated as the moon.



nine realms8

The Nine Realms

9 months, 19 poets and writers, 22 Artists, 3 musicians, 1 Viking boat : a magical reworking of Norse Mythology for contemporary audiences

Poems and Writing inspired by the Norse realm of Nidavellir (The Realm of the Dwarves)


Kate Garrett,  Mina Polen, Ross Beattie and Lydia Allison


by Kate Garrett


give me your hand
he said,
jaws dripping with doubt
eyes sidelong
as they held out the bonds
no heavier than silk strands
and I knew my hand
was a small offering
as they wrapped him in chains
made of lost thoughts
made of movement and breath
made of the unseen
and all of these slipped
past his eyes, sidelong
and his jaws clenched
and my wrist ripped apart
and I knew this was a small gift
to the beast wrapped in chains.





Little they know

by Mina Polen 

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