Other Places!


Flash –



Pranks: Flash Flood Journal 2013No Love Lost: Slim Volume – available from Amazon


Dressing up: Artipeeps: Weekend Showcase


She walks: Peeking Cat Poetry: Issue 2


Blossoms: Push 6: Writing Squad



Poetry –


Most people start with the skin: Beauty and Deformity 1 – Artipeeps


Blood gold: Beauty and Deformity 2 – Artipeeps


Cauliflower heart: Beauty and Deformity 3 – Artipeeps


Scars: Beauty and Deformity 4 – Artipeepsty-deformation-and-monsters-4/


Claws: Beauty and Deformity 5 – Artipeeps


Shallow: Crooked – Online Zine


Rings: Found Poetry Collaboation 1/4 – Artipeeps


Out of evil: Found Poetry Collaboation 2/4 – Artipeeps


The youth: Found Poetry Collaboation 3/4 – Artipeeps


The earth: Found Poetry Collaboation 4/4 – Artipeeps


When you kissed her you tasted blood: This Body I Live In: Slim Volume – available from



They never said: Asgard: ‘Warriors and Ravens’ The Nine Realms.


Thrymheim / Noatun: Vanaheim: ‘Magic and Wonder’ The Nine Realms


Traditional enemies: Jotumheim: ‘Strength and Might’ – The Nine Realms


The dwarf: Nidavellir: ‘Darkness and Gold’ – The Nine Realms


Mist: Helheim: ‘Death and Hollows’ – The Nine Realms


I think of our fires: Muspelheim: ‘Sparks and Flames’ – The Nine Realms


Chloe, Jorja, Justine, Luna, Stella: United Jotters: ‘Faces’ – Throwing Hats at the Moon


Diana: Foxglove Journal


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