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June 5, 2015

The Nine Realms: Muspelheim – Sparks and Flames


i think of our fires




my silk scarf smudged with grey | old


wood that popped and cracked


the tiny floating sparks that lifted


from the black | motes


of copper made a close night sky


we were gods | men | dark red things




now the deep infared swells and rolls


brighter and darker | breaking


the earth to ashes | the fire licks


the stars | magnetic | draws them all


back | in


Muspelheim: Sparks and Flames 4/4 The Nine Realms- Poems and Writing.

May 19, 2015

Nine Realms: Helheim ‘Death & Hollows’






in the place of misery


of those who died happy. those who felt


the soft lover press on their last breath.




the crawling surface of gjoll


resembles rainfall


the way water seems


to reach up


to break from the moving weight. straining


to join the clearing air.




here. at the end of all


is the source of the wind


that changes life to fire and skeletons and ash.


sighs through the sweeping


changing wall of fog.




the breeze carries to the graves of grey souls


and hits on the doors of the living


like cold palms. like


the desperate man who only wants


to come home.


Helheim: ‘Death & Hollows’ 2/2 The Nine Realms- Poems and Writing.

April 6, 2015

The Nine Realms – Nidavellir: Darkness and Gold

the dwarf


he’s the best

to ask. so much

more than people

think. imir knew him.


made an axe.

blade sharper than

people made. cut who made it.

sliced space.

they made mistakes.

it shined like night

the lunar glow

none of them had seen.

they fell in love.


lightening cracked the lovely weapon’s face.

tarnished white shine. the dwarf obsessed.


hating the flashing of candles

heat of flames. he waited months

felt time swell.


climbed. saw dusty light.

creaked the last steps

cracks on hands glinting

silver. still and

sun-saturated as the moon.



nine realms8

The Nine Realms

9 months, 19 poets and writers, 22 Artists, 3 musicians, 1 Viking boat : a magical reworking of Norse Mythology for contemporary audiences

Poems and Writing inspired by the Norse realm of Nidavellir (The Realm of the Dwarves)


Kate Garrett,  Mina Polen, Ross Beattie and Lydia Allison


by Kate Garrett


give me your hand
he said,
jaws dripping with doubt
eyes sidelong
as they held out the bonds
no heavier than silk strands
and I knew my hand
was a small offering
as they wrapped him in chains
made of lost thoughts
made of movement and breath
made of the unseen
and all of these slipped
past his eyes, sidelong
and his jaws clenched
and my wrist ripped apart
and I knew this was a small gift
to the beast wrapped in chains.





Little they know

by Mina Polen 

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February 20, 2015

The Nine Realms – Jotunheim: Strength and Might

traditional enemies


the land surrounding us
a curved body
bones worn to stone


cruel daughters forcing us to find
a cure for magic


a cure for life
in my case
for dying


every time my skin splits
I think of her
the serpent who reminded me
what pain could be


part of me always thought
if I could commit to life or death
I would have one


could and would and should
my fury blinds me now
as indifference did then


not immune to dying,
just unable to be dead.
impotent in the opposites of being
and the other


incapable to live
as in the grip of death, I did




nine realms8

19 poets, 22 Artists, 3 musicians and a Viking Boat

The Nine Realms

9 months, 19 poets and writers, 22 Artists, 3 composers, 1 Viking boat: a magical reworking of Norse Mythology for contemporary audiences

Poems and Writing inspired by the Norse realm of Jotunheim


Mina Polen, Lydia Allison and Karin Heyer

Frostbitten mind

by Mina Polen 


Through darkness
…………..and eternal sunshine


darkness and brightness
………… never-ending dreams


frostbitten mind
awaits in another dream




the pebble falls inside your mind




…………. being broken

………….being broken


day and night
the mind is playing tricks


the night is long
the day is long

time stopping
the mind is flying in circles



Read by Nicky Mortlock


traditional enemies

by Lydia Allison


the land surrounding us
a curved body

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February 3, 2015

The Nine Realms – Vanaheim: ‘Magic and Wonder’

Vanaheim: ‘ Magic & Wonder’ 4/4′ The Nine Realms- Poems and Writing.



In the mornings the rocks glisten

like the sick, the dying

soaked in the night. I rise early

run my hand along the moisture of giant walls –

swelled drops catching yellow light


I raise it to my mouth

taste the nothing taste

pure water

I expect salt,

the minerals of my world


but remind myself

this is not the way things are

here, the hard forms move slowly

over years. Mostly unreachable

almost untouchable.



I don’t like the madness,

the movement makes me sick, my sweat,

nothing, salt in the air, my skin stings.

The taste – tears – dries my mouth to sand. He says it becomes me,

this light. I know. I feel it.


November 20, 2014

The Nine Realms – Asgard: ‘Warriors and Ravens’

Asgard: ‘Warriors and Ravens’ 2/4′ The Nine Realms- Poems and Writing.


they never said

dying is travelling

a light-year in a second

completely alone,

in a sense you have never felt before

not in dreams or worship

or bleak nights.


I was part of the writhing mass

the storming spreading attack

part of the dance between me and that

man that other warrior that superior clan

I was part of that

company, closer than everything

and when I look back

his face was the face of my wife.


did he look away out of shame

for my weakness, shame

for his own life, shame

for how tenderly my body leaned to his blade.


here is the look of oil on water

like heaven’s reflection you can touch.

as a child I chased rainbows

made idols from glass refractions,

stooped in the road.


I see thickly, this space shimmers with moving light

violet edging faces I know

and I mourn my rainbow

revising memories of blood

the sun, fresh leaves, and sky,

pure darkness, and white light of ash

and I weep clear tears

laced with the pigments of the dead.


they never said it’s just like living,

seeing one colour

and searching for your own heartbeat.

and when you go it’s more like

everybody you’ve known is falling

away, leaving you to grieve in morbid hope that they

would not, that they would stay.