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August 13, 2014



Smooth plastic weight

hard in my arms –

Your formula of curves

demand my hold, and

mark the soft parts

that coat my bones.


I call you her not it,

and select thin knitwear

rendering your parts whole –

a still mirror:

math-measured equal,


I make you one.


fabric glides

catching smooth peaks

and sliding over seams.


My touch rough

as I fit my own arms up your sleeves

to crack your limbs in place –

easy as jigsaw pieces,

as outfits,

as my own dressing.


I lift the v of your legs

to a level over my fruit-bruise

of flesh, waves of hair, and sweat,

and look up to your face:

chin tilted and

nothing else.


© Lydia Allison 2014

August 2, 2013

Dressing up



Every Friday, 1 artist/painter/poet/writer, letting their work speak for itself.


Lydia Allison


Dressing up.

by Lydia Allison


The day our boy friend said yes – what a thrill! Not red, we said together, scarlet! His straight angular life inside soft silk, structured for someone other. The skirt hanging crooked with his awkwardness, concave chest wrong and beautiful in her mum’s old sewing room.

She leads him through to a bedroom she says is hers. I know it’s her parents’, though I don’t say. She touches his back in the place where shivers start on a girl. The part that squirts sparks all the way down to your heels, and up to the back of your head. And the front too. She thinks I don’t see.

We leave and make him wait, still wearing that skirt (oh!) to find our ribbons – rouge not red – to criss cross around the straight chest…

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